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Breast Implants Chicago Illinois

Michael Y. Byun

Country: United States
State: Illinois
City: Chicago
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9:00 and 5:00 hours
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Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction
Training / Credentials
My Philosophy:

Whether you need to enlarge, reduce, or lift what nature gave you, it should be the right look: very elegant, natural and balanced.

Helping people transform their dream-look into a beautiful reality is my professional passion. Perhaps it requires my assistance to choose the right surgery with an elegant look in mind. I encourage you to discuss your expectations and concerns with me. I want you to feel confident in my surgical skill and assured by my appreciation of the human body as an art form.

"Where nature finishes producing its shapes, there man begins with natural things, and with the help of nature itself, to create infinite varieties of shapes.�
- Leonardo Da Vinci

Dr. Byun uses FDA approved implants; so fuller, more flattering breasts no longer come at the price of a natural look and feel. He is experienced with a variety of surgical options, many involving only tiny, hidden incisions. So no matter how much you're noticed�his work never is.

Q & A about Breast Augmentation:

I've always wanted fuller breasts�are the implants safe?
Yes. The implants are FDA approved saline-filled.

How do I determine the size?
A pleasant, relaxed visit with Dr. Byun will answer all your questions. Together, you will determine what size is right to give you the full, natural look you desire.

Where are the scars?
The incision can be placed in several areas; in the axilla or armpit, under the breast, or just on the edge of the areola or the colored area around the nipple. You and Dr. Byun will choose which will be the most invisible for you.

Should the implants be on top of or under the muscle?
This decision is determined by your anatomy - the size and amount of droop you have. Sometimes Dr. Byun will recommend a breast lift or mastopexy along with an implant to achieve the desired results.

A natural, beautiful result - that's the Byun Difference


M.D.: Doctor of Medicine, Northwestern University Medical School, 1992
B.S.: University of California � Irvine, 1988

General Surgery: Northwestern University Medical School, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Plastic Surgery: Northwestern University Medical School

UltraPulse Laser Resurfacing
Endoscopic Surgery in Plastic Surgery
Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction
Erbium Laser
American Board of Plastic Surgeons

American Medical Association
American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Dr. Byun has just finished authoring a new book with several colleagues. 

Thank you for visiting our web page, we would be happy to extend to you a free copy of Dr Byun's book along with a free 15 minutes consult by mentioning this site.

Languages: English

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