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Jay Pensler

Country: United States
State: Illinois
City: Chicago
Address: 680 N. Lake Shore Drive Suite 1125, Chicago IL
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Telephone: (312) 642-7777
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Breast Augmentation
Training / Credentials
Dr. Pensler is a nationally and internationally recognized plastic surgeon. He has authored over one hundred articles on plastic surgery and serves on numerous national committees. Dr. Pensler is active in the study and the development of the latest techniques to enhance the effectiveness of plastic surgical procedures.
 A comprehensive array of procedures are available which are tailored to the specific needs of each patient.
Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Medical School: University of Chicago
General Surgery: New York University
Plastic Surgery: University of Texas
Craniofacial Surgery: Harvard University
Northwestern Memorial Hospital Chicago
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare
Children's Memorial Hospital

Academic Appointment :
Associate Professor of Clinical Plastic Surgery, Northwestern University Medical School
On the medical staff of NMH:
 Northwestern Memorial Hospital Chicago
Breast Enhancement Surgery Chicago
Have you ever considered surgically improving your breasts in order to boost your self-confidence? There are many choices available to you if you want to reshape or increase the size of your bust. One of the best options and places is to do Breast Enhancement Surgery in Chicago where state of the art facilities are available.
In our state of the art Breast Enhancement Surgery Chicago clinic your breasts are enhanced surgically using breast implants. You can choose between round and teardrop shaped breast implants, depending on your desired shape. The breast implants are usually made of a silicone elastometer shell that is filled with a saline solution. Breast Enhancement Surgery is a professionally undertake tasks where the breasts are lifted and shaped into a more youthful and flattering form.
Breast enhancement surgery in Chicago can be a fulfilling experience if you are in the hands of a professional like Dr. J Pensler who has written numerous articles in this area. There may be many procedures. One such procedure involves an incision either in the breast crease, around the areola or in the armpit. The doctor will create a pocket directly behind your breast tissue, and the implant will be centered beneath your nipple. It will take between 24 to 48 hours for you to start moving normally again. Although there will be some pain, in few week's time you will be pain-free and have breasts that are full and natural. Breast Enhancement Surgery in Chicago has become safer if you are with the right doctor who also understands your needs.
The price of undergoing Breast Enhancement Surgery in Chicago varies, depending on which surgeon you choose. There are payment plan options. In addition, if you are in the hands of world renowned Dr. Pensler who is at the forefront of breast enhancement surgery in Chicago , your experience will be very fulfilling. Having Breast Enhancement Surgery in Chicago with Dr. Pensler's team is a chance to have an expert of plastic surgery make sure you get the results you want.

Breast Augmentation  
Do you feel self-conscious and dissatisfied about the way your breasts look and the way your clothing fits? Does this dissatisfaction hamper your self-esteem as well as your personal relationships? If this is true and you want to improve the shape of your breasts, then undergoing Breast Augmentation Chicago clinic of Dr. J. Pensler a world renowned expert in his field may be a good remedy for you.
A woman's desire to modify her physical appearance has made Breast Augmentation in Chicago one of the most popular plastic surgeries these days. Instead of simply changing your bra size, Breast Augmentation scientifically customizes the shape of your breasts and improves their curves in proportion with your bodyline.
Wanting to have larger breasts is only the beginning. Many stages are involved in the procedures of undergoing Breast Augmentation. The breasts are enlarged surgically using saline-filled implants. During the surgery, three types of incisions are used to insert the implant. Incisions are made in the dark skin surrounding the nipple, the armpit area or the area where the breast meets the chest. The implants are available in various shapes and styles - round or contoured and covered by either a smooth silicon surface or a textured surface. Breast Augmentation Chicago clinic of Dr. Pensler is among the safest locations for breast augmentation surgery. We have minimized or erased complications such as the build up of scar tissues around the implant, deflation and infection of the implants. For initial consultation at the state of the art Breast Augmentation Chicago clinic of Dr. J. Pensler please contact us for appointment.
If you are considering Breast Augmentation in Chicago you must be at least 18 or older and in good health. You should be careful about the surgeon you choose. He/she must be certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery and have more than 5 years of surgical experience. If you are looking forward to becoming more beautiful and self-confident, then Dr. J. Pensler and his modern Breast Augmentation Chicago Clinic can help you reach that goal.

Breast Implants
Breast implants are used to create the desired shape of your breasts that you have always dreamed of. It is a process where implants made from a silicon rubber shell filled with a fixed amount of silicon gel are implanted in your breasts to give them a fuller and more natural look.
You need to discuss the procedure with your doctor before proceeding to get Breast Implants. If you are looking to perform breast implants in Chicago, please contact our popular clinic. Our experts at the breast implants Chicago clinic will make clear about the type of breast implant you will be receiving, the shape, surface, size and volume, where the implant will be placed and where the incision will be made. The breast implants used these days are usually round or teardrop shaped with a smooth or textured surface. The implant size varies according to your request, and the implant can be placed above or below the muscle with an incision in the armpit, areola, breast or belly button. At our breast implants Chicago clinic we will work with you to make the right choices for highest patient satisfaction.
There are certain risks that are involved with any breast enhancement surgery , such as tightening of the scar tissue, rupture, need for additional surgery, pain, dissatisfaction with the cosmetic results, infections, collection of blood inside the body cavity and changes in nipple and breast sensation. These risks can be minimized if you are in the hands of nationally and internationally recognized doctor like Dr. J. Pensler with his modern breast implants Chicago clinic.
Despite the long list of complications that can happen after undergoing breast enhancement surgery, our state of the art breast implants Chicago facility has an unprecedented track record for safety and patient satisfaction. If you want to have fuller, more natural looking breasts and would looking for reliable clinics of breast implants in Chicago area, please contact our office.

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