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California Tom J. Pousti, MD, F.A.C.S. , CA

Country: United States
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Training / Credentials
Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic Plastic Surgery and is dedicated to restoring appearance, self-esteem, function, and quality of life to his patients. After 11 years of extensive medical and surgical training, Dr. Tom Pousti is double board-certified in General Surgery as well as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Dr. Pousti and his wife, Marjan, reside in San Diego with their three sons and daughter.
Plastic Surgery Fellowship
Harvard / Brigham and Women�s / Children�s Hospital, Boston, MA 1995-1997
Internship and General Surgery Residency
University of California, Irvine Medical Center, Orange, CA 1990-1995
Professional Organizations
Fellow, American College of Surgeons
Member, American Society for Plastic Surgeons
Member, American Medical Association
Member, San Diego County Medical Association
Member, San Diego Plastic Surgery Society
Practice Information
Dr. Tom Pousti and his staff are dedicated to providing you with the finest possible medical services. A complete range of cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgical procedures are available in a state-of-the-art surgical facilitiy. Dr. Tom Pousti performs all surgical procedures and provides your postoperative care with the support of a highly trained staff for surgical assistance, nursing care, anesthesia and recovery.
When you meet with Dr. Tom Pousti for the first time, he will carefully examine you and will go over all aspects of the surgery. He will ask you about your expectations, and by using an extensive library of �before and after� photographs of previous patients, will explain what can and cannot be done. He will encourage you to speak with patients who have undergone the same procedure you are considering.
Ask questions! Before you can make an informed decision to undergo surgery, you must feel comfortable and confident. If you and the doctor agree that surgery will benefit you, you can begin to plan for the operation.
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The reason that I considered my breast augmentation was not because of the typical reasons that women decide to have a cosmetic procedure.  I decided upon the procedure because I have a pectus excavatum.  People born with pectus excavatum have a �sunken� or �concave� chest.  Pectus excavatum is a congenital chest wall deformity in which several ribs and the sternum grow to produce a concave appearance to the chest wall.
My options were to keep with the status quo and have nothing done, have a major invasive surgery to correct the pectus excavatum, or have a cosmetic procedure to conceal the problem.
The major surgery, or invasive repair of pectus excavatum surgical technique, is where an incision is cut into the chest, the sternum is forcefully lifted, a clam is forced under the sternum, and a metal stability bar (or a few bars) is placed to stabilize the chest.  Several sutures are placed on the chest, which leaves a nasty scar behind.  The average hospital stay is a week or longer, and the risk of complications is 20%.  These statistics were excessively high for me.  Instead of risking a very dangerous surgery to correct this common abnormality, I opted for a cosmetic procedure.
I live in Orange County surrounded by plastic surgeons that make claims to be the best.  When I initially considered breast augmentation in 2004, I visited as many plastic surgeons as I could.  Many of these doctors treated me like a number, or a paycheck, and not a human being.  I nearly gave up my search. 
Then I ran into a friend from San Diego who had recently had a breast augmentation.  She suggested I see Dr. Pousti.  I made an appointment, and upon arrival, I immediately felt less anxious.  Dr. Pousti�s staff treated me with respect, and were very open and honest with me.  I had three more appointments with other plastic surgeons that month, but I felt as if I was going just to compare them to Dr. Pousti and his staff. 
I decided to go ahead with the procedure, and scheduled my surgery for April 2006.  The experience was remarkably easy.  I showed up to the hospital, and all the staff worked very hard to make my experience as comfortable as possible.  After the surgery, I stayed at �The Hideaway� which is a 24-hour facility for those recovering from a cosmetic procedure.  They made sure that I stayed on schedule with my pain meds, so I do not remember being in much pain at all.  It also helped that my mom and sister stayed with me as well.
Now that I am nearly four months out of surgery, I can say that I am completely satisfied with my results.  Dr. Pousti had done excellent work, and I feel much more confident about having a pectus because it is now barely visible.
After my experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Pousti for a breast augmentation.  I want to say thank you to Dr. Pousti and all of his staff for making my experience as smooth as possible.

K. H.
Orange County, CA
If you are reading this on-line or sitting in Dr Pousti's office and still wondering who you should choose to do your Breast Augmentation,Please stop and listen!!!
I had my Breast Augmentation done in May of 2006. It was not an easy decision. It took me 8 years to actually go ahead with the surgery!There was always something else that needed to be done and I had not found the right doctor. I work in a hospital and have seen and heard many horror stories. Hospitalizations from post op infections, women in the ER because they weren't well informed about what to expect post operatively, not enough pain medication, and no way to get a hold of their surgeon in the middle of the night! I knew that the hardest part of of going ahead with the surgery was going to be finding a doctor I trusted to do it. Many of my friends have had Breast Augmentation. I knew what to expect. I knew it would not be a "walk in the park". I interviewed many doctors, but I just never felt quite right about putting my life and my body into their hands. I never had that "gut" feeling that I could trust them, until I met Dr. Pousti.
Make no mistake, the most important part of deciding to have surgery, of any kind, is who you are going to choose to do it. You must ask the right questions. Not just the board certifications, those are important. But, what is their infection rate? The last thing you want to do is go home and not only try to recuperate, but get sick with some horrible infection as well ! Believe me! I have seen it happen! You want a doctor who is meticulous, who only operates in a Surgery Center or Hospital he or she trusts.Someone who takes all the necessary precautions and even some that may not be necessary! When I met with Dr Pousti, I could see his focus. I did not feel like "one of many" patients. I felt like my case was as important to him as it was to me. I wanted someone who could see the whole picture. I wanted my body to look a certain way, not just be a certain cup size!  He did not throw a bunch of silicone bags at me and say "pick one". He listened and asked questions as if he was formulating his own plan on what he would do for me and how he would help me achieve my goal. My other BIG concern was post operative pain. Now, I did not want to sound like a drug addict, but I did not want to have a lack of communication about pain meds leave me beyond miserable. Dr. Pousti and his staff had already covered it and then some! I was well taken care of as far as pain medication.I had all my medications ahead of time and the surgery center made sure I was taken care of for the ride home. I won't say it was easy, but they made it as tolerable as it could possibly have been and made me as comfortable as possible. It was wonderful to know that Dr.Pousti and his staff were available should I need more medication. In fact he or someone in his office contacted me around the clock to check on my status at home. They are all extremely attentive! It's like being with your best girlfriends everytime I go for a follow up! We are all celebrating ! From beginning to end, my experience has been impeccable. Consult, pre op, surgery, post op, follow up...all well planned and everything thought out.  All handled professionally. He and his staff are the absolute best! Should I choose to have any other surgeries, I would only go to him. No doubt about it!
Okay so I have covered the fact that you must ask important questions about infection rates, pain medication, surgery center, etc. I have assured you that he has a wonderful, compassionte staff and that Dr. Pousti himself is meticulous, focused and attentive. You may be wondering how satisfied I am with the end result! There are no words! Everything I could possibly have hoped for , he did. My breasts look and feel exactly the way I dreamed they would. He listened to everything I said, he looked at every picture I brought in and he gave me EXACTLY (if not better than )what I asked for! I did not think it was possible to look and feel the way that I do now. Especially not after breastfeeding 3 kids! These are the most awesome breasts I have seen and guess what ? They are mine!!!  Thank You Dr Pousti! And for those of you still on the fence, look no further!
L.S. in Murrieta CA
Since the age of 13 the one main thing about my body that i wanted to change was the size of my breast. Starting high school a year later confirmed it. I felt like i was the only person in high school with an A cup that wouldn't grow, so i vowed to myself that if my breast hadn't grown by the time i was 21 that i would get surgery. I told my mom this and she told me that i was probably just a late bloomer but if it was what i really wanted that it was okay with her. Hundreds of stuffed bras later, it's happening! I'm having a growth 21 y/o ? Oh, I had a growth spurt alright! Along with my bigger breast came an even bigger stomache. I was pregnant. It seemed like the only way my breast would grow so late in life. During my pregnancy by breast went from a 34 A cup to a 36 D cup. No time to enjoy them because they didn't belong to me anymore and they were extremely painful. My son didn't breast feed for very long ( a total of about 30 minutes all his tiny life) so the milk dried up and my breast went back to a size A cup. This time it wasn't the perky A cup i had before it was a deflated A cup which wasn't too appealing to me. That is when my goal became set in stone, i had to get breast implants. I'd been doing research on breast augmentation since i was 16 years old and the only real concerns i had and now was going under the anesthesia and scarring. My husband decided that new breast would be the perfect birthday/anniversary persent for me so i decided to do a little more research for the San Diego Area. I couldn't travel far to get surgery because of my son and i wanted to be close to home so i went to the internet and got to work. I went to about twenty sites looking up doctors and looking at the work they'd done but the one that stood out to me was Dr. Pousti's because of the number of women of color that he'd operated on. The pictures of his work where extremely persuading and on his website were also the price listings for all of his work which i didn't find on any of the other websites. I found that extremely helpful, so i called and set up an appointment for my free consultation. When i arrived at the office I felt extremely relaxed and at ease. It is a beautiful office with a beautiful and friendly staff to make you feel comfortable right from the start. During my consultation i let the doctor know of my concerns with anesthesia, scarring, nipple sensation and my diabetes. He answered all of them truthfully and even insisted i talk to a member of his staff to get the info from someone who'd actually had the procedure. Between the 2 of them all of my worries melted away and i was confident about the doctor and staff and procedure i was about to undergo. Surgery day ran smoothly. I literally went to sleep and woke up with new breast! They gave me plenty of good medications to keep the pain off and for that i was really grateful. It is so important to have someone there for you right after your surgery because most of the time you'll be out of it because of the meds. The pre-op and post op instructions don't lie, you need to follow them to a T. Don't plan on lifting anything for awhile including children all you'll do is hurt yourself and hinder your recovery. My advice is to make sure this is what you really want to do before you do it. Do your research, make sure you are comfortable with the doctor and staff. Write down your questions so you don't forget when it's time for you to ask them. I love my new breast! Before I had my surgery i was a saggy 34 A cup and after I'm a 34 C cup. They look natural and they fit my frame which is exactly what i wanted. I didn't gain any weight from them either, i am 5'2 and weighed 127lbs before surgery and i still weigh 127 lbs. I will admit though i am a little taller though, because i don't hunch over trying to hide my non-existant breast :) Dr. Pousti and his staff are great people and most of all they know what they're doing! I'm happy with my outcome and i know they can and will do the same with others.
Hello there!
I am a 36-year-old mother of one.  I had breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Pousti in July of 2006.  I have always wanted to �get my boobs done�, and when the time finally came where I was able to do so, I chose Dr. Pousti.  I did some research, and after my first consultation with him, I feeI had to look no further.  I was highly impressed, not only by his knowledge, willingness to answer questions, education, training and experience, but also by his quietly confident demeanor and professionalism. 
I chose to have breast augmentation to increase the size of my breasts, especially after having a child.  After the birth of my daughter, my breasts became saggy and deflated.  I wanted younger, perkier breasts, but I didn�t want the softball-under-the-skin look; I didn�t want them to look �done�.  I stressed this fact to Dr. Pousti, that I wanted a natural look, and I received just that.  If you didn�t know me before the surgery, you would never guess I had a breast augmentation. They look like they are mine, and are perfectly proportionate to my body -   I just look like I have a pair of really nice breasts!  I was and am still extremely happy with the results, and would recommend anyone to see Dr. Pousti for any kind of plastic surgery they may be considering. One of the hallmarks or signatures of Dr. Pousti�s work is his aereolar incision � it is so small, you can barely see it � extremely small in comparison with incisions from other doctors I have seen.  You can�t even see it on my breasts.  If you want beautiful, natural looking breast, Dr. Pousti is the man to see.
Hope you�re doing well � take care!
Chanel Nicolosi
Durante las �ltimas semanas he estado tratando de pensar en cual seria la
mejor manera de agradecerte por el trabajo incre�ble que hiciste por m�.
Aunque trato, no hay palabras que puedan describir lo contenta que estoy.
Inicialmente, cuando lidiaba con la idea de cirug�a pl�stica ten�a muchas
dudas y preguntas. Aunque no sabia cada detalle del procedimiento de una
cosa estaba segura y era que deseaba encontrar un medico con quien me
sintiera c�moda, que me hiciera relajar y mas aun que me tratara como la
persona que soy y no como una paciente mas.
Dr. Pousti, desde el momento que visite tu p�gina web sab�a que t� serias el
doctor para m�. Siendo una mujer que presta atenci�n a los detalles note que
no llevabas esa sonrisa falsa que hab�a encontrado en otros doctores. Eso
fue solamente el comienzo porque al llegar a tu oficina todos me hicieron
sentir de lo mas c�modo, el nerviosismo que hab�a acumulado se borro en mi
primer visita. Todos me trataron tan bien, se tomaron su tiempo, nunca dando
me ning�n apuro y les agradezco a todo tu equipo por estar conmigo durante
cada minuto. Simplemente, les escribo para agradecerles por escucharme mis
preocupaciones, por darme la atenci�n que yo quer�a, por darme el
sentimiento de tranquilidad como si estuviera entre familia y mas importante
aun hacer de mi la mujer que yo quer�a ser.
Muchas gracias desde el fondo de mi coraz�n.
Esther Izquierdo
If you are reading this you are most likely considering having a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck. With my first pregnancy I gained 60 pounds and breast feed for a year . After working hard to lose all the weight I was still left with saggy breasts, loose skin and  stomach full of  stretch marks. I was eating right and exercising five days a week and nothing would help the aftermath of the pregnancy. I felt so self-conscious that I wouldn't raise my arms in case someone would see my saggy stomach skin, and when I would look down into my padded B bra there would be a big gap where my breasts used to fill it out. I just didn't feel feminine any more. Knowing that I had done everything in my power to change my body,  I decided to look into plastic surgery.       
Dr.Pousti was the first plastic surgeon I had a consultation with, I was very impressed with how friendly his staff was and how personal he is. I was also surprised with how many of his patients were willing to share their experience. I didn't want to make any hasty decisions so I went to see two other doctors. I really wasn't impressed like I was with Dr. Pousti and his staff. As I was ready to call Dr. Pousti to schedule surgery, there was another plan in store for me, I was pregnant! Round two! Another 60 pound weight gain and more breast feeding! I was also left with an umbilical hernia. Now more than ever I was ready to reclaim what was once my body.   
Since It had been almost two years since I had seen Dr. Pousti I scheduled another consultation with him and I was more impressed than the first time! I still went to two other doctors that I didn't see before, but I knew deep in my gut that Dr. Pousti was the doctor for me.    
If you are considering  this surgery there were three main reasons I chose Dr. Pousti. One, he has all his board certifications. Two, all of his clients are willing to share their experience with you so you know he dose good work. Three,  He is such a cool, down to earth, caring doctor . You will feel like he's on the same page with you every step of the way. From your consult to your pre-op to right before you lay down on the operating table and even your post-op care Dr. Pousti was the same caring doctor through the whole process.
I had a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation, the pain was not bad and definitely worth it! Thank you  Dr. Pousti for giving me the best bikini body ever! I'm the best I've ever looked! I never have to wear a padded bra ever again! My tummy is soooo flat and my breasts fit my body perfectly! For anyone who is suffering from post baby aftermath or just want to stop feeling like they need to hide parts of there body they don't like, I would just like to say time is precious and there is no better time than the present to stop feeling self conscious, with a little help from the Doctor! I know when it's time for me to turn the clock back, I will be coming to see Dr. Pousti again.
Vista, California
l have always been A was great for my grades, not my cup size.
Finally, after nursing 2 kids...for my 33rd birthday, I decided to do it.
Dr. Pousti and his staff were excellent from day 1. My husband and I were very impressed at our initial consultation when Dr. Pousti made sure I wasn't making a rash decision. We set the date...and it was done. The results are absolutely wonderful. Though I'm not the show off type, I have added some low cut shirts to my wardrobe with rave reviews from friends, colleagues and especially the hubby. At 5' 6" weighing 120 pounds, I did not want anything dramatic. Dr. Pousti went 360 cc which put me to a C cup, where I was while I nursed. He took his time in surgery to make them look perfect...the effort is much appreciated. I would definitely recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone interested in this procedure.
Shannon Ward
Katherine Roehrs
Age: 39
Date of Surgery: August 10, 2006
Height: 5'3"
Weight before: 105 lbs.
Weight after: 105 lbs.
Cup Size before: B (small)
Cup Size after: D (very full)
In seemed pretty incredible to me that I would ever even consider breast enhancement surgery.  I have always had full breasts from a very young age and usually tried to down-play their size.  However as my 40th birthday approached I took serious stock of myself.  Dieting, exercising, a pregnancy and plain ol' gravity had definitely had an impact on their size and shape.  I'd been a full C cup all my life, but weight loss had caused my breasts to shrink considerably and unfortunately sag in the process.
I wanted back what I'd lost.
I found Dr. Pousti on-line, as a lark, just "looking into" cosmetic surgery.  I'd kicked the possibility of surgery around for nearly a year before I started doing serious internet research.  Dr. Pousti's website was amazingly informative....much more so than some of the others I'd seen.  The information regarding the procedure I was curious about was stated in matter-of-fact, direct, understandable terms.  It certainly allowed me to fully comprehend what I wanted to do, the risks, impact, cost....everything.
I made an appointment to see Dr. Pousti for an initial consultation for breast enhancement surgery.  Dr. Pousti was able to get me in for my initial consulation right away.  His staff was remarkably approachable, courteous, and friendly.  But it was upon meeting Dr. Pousti that I made my decision almost before the visit was over.  What a gentle, thoughtful doctor he is!  It made all the difference in the world that he had all the time I needed to answer my questions and offer his expert opinion on what we needed to do to get my breasts where I wanted them to be!  Within 24 hours I'd called his staff back to schedule the surgery!
My concern besides returning my breasts to their fuller shape was also "lift"....although I didn't really want to have a breast lift.  Dr. Pousit was able to address this issue and I was able to not only enhance the size of my breasts but to stop them from breasts didn't look this good when I was 25!
To be honest, I wasn't really concerned about the procedure itself.  I just really had a tremendous amount of confidence in Dr. Pousti's skill and the obvious fact that he is extremely focused and detail-oriented.  I had every reason to believe that he would perform a remarkable job and he did not disappoint me in the least.  I was concerned about the pain factor during those first few post-operative weeks and he and his staff were very informative and supportive during this time.
The pain was pretty intense for those first couple of days (and nights)!  No point in sugar-coating DOES hurt!  I had pain medication that was enormously effective and allowed the management of my discomfort to be curbed.  I'm very proud of the fact that I was able to stop all pain medication by the fourth day post-op.  My breasts looked pretty wild those first couple of weeks, but they've "settled down" quite a bit and they are indeed the full, natural looking D cup that I'd hoped for.  Concerns about scarring around my nipples are alleviated every week....they're healing beautifully and fading faster than I thought they would.
My entire experience was just been such a positive one!  Every post-operative office visit is such a pleasure since the girls continue to be so positive and encouraging!  Dr. Pousti always comes in and sits down and speaks with me personally....he continues to cultivate his relationship with his patient long after his work in the operating room is's like a familly there and it's impossible to not feel special and important.
If anyone ever seeks my advice about cosmetic surgery or a doctor I will direct them to Dr. Tom Pousti with affection!
Dr. Pousti..... he is more than just a plastic surgeon he is someone who makes you feel as if you have known him your whole life.  Dr. Pousti and his staff are all wonderful to work with.  He made my breast augmentation look very natural.  I am so happy with the result and grateful for the boost of self-confidence that Dr. Pousti provided me with. 
I cannot thank Dr.Pousti and his wonderful staff enough! 
First of all, let me say that I had been doing my research on breast augmentation for a couple of years and when I came across Dr. Pousti and his staff, I had to look no further. They all made me feel really comfortable and I knew that this was it for me.
The day of surgery Dr. Pousti was so sweet, making sure I felt calm and relaxed, assuring me that I was going to be very pleased. I am more than pleased with my results and the whole experience. I got exactly what I wanted; larger that, most importantly to me, look and feel natural!
Dr. Poust truly is an artist! I hight recommend him to anyone who wants beautiful results.
Thank you so much Dr. Pousti and Staff!!!!
J. Figueroa
Age:25  Height: 5'0 Weight before: 125 Weight after: 128
I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Pousti and I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon.  I had done a lot of research on surgeons in the San Diego area, and after all the research I had chosen Dr. Pousti because his credentials and before and after pictures were the most impressive.  I had read many testimonials of happy patients of his and even got to meet with them when I visited his office for a consultation.  The staff was absolutely wonderful.  Everyone always greeted me with a smile and was very helpful with the whole process.  Dr. Pousti was very comforting, and really put me at ease about having the procedure done.  I had visited the office twice before I went through with the surgery, at absolutely no cost, and by surgery day I was very confident that i would be happy with the results.  Dr. Pousti will spend as much time with you as you need to answer any questions and to make sure he knows exactly what results you desire. Sure enough, I am extremely happy with my new set of breasts!  The recovery was faster than I had thought.  By the third day after the surgery I was going out and on the fourth day I even got in a swimsuit and hit the beach.  I was still a little sore and was limited on what I could or could not do...but by the 2 week mark I felt completely normal again.  I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone considering this procedure, I promise you will be happy with the results!
TESTIMONIAL WRITTEN: 4 months post-surgery
AGE: 23; WEIGHT: 105; 300cc both sides; AA to 32B
Before even meeting Dr. Pousti, I knew he was going to be the doctor for me.
I was searching on the internet for Laser Hair Removal and Breast Augmentation (in San Diego) and found Dr. Pousti�s website. Just by his page alone, I was absolutely impressed. It was by far the most informational and helpful resource I�ve seen on plastic surgery. I picked up the phone and made an appointment immediately!
Dr. Pousti and his staff are incredible�the most personable, caring, and friendliest people. I felt comfortable around them from the get-go. I went to Dr. Pousti�s office for months getting monthly Laser Hair Removal treatments. Great results! Breast implants were always in the back of my mind, but I did not care for them at the time.
I was always half/half and on/off about breast augmentation for years. My overwhelming curiosity for �the other side� finally took over and I was ready to take the plunge.
In the fall of 2004, I had Breast Aug Fever. I went back to and sifted through all the Breast Aug pictures. Pousti�s before and afters are phenomenal. He has more photos on his page than anyone else dares to do; that is really a big statement. It means Dr. Pousti has nothing to hide. Not only is there a great variety (women of different colors, shapes, and sizes), but there are pictures in every angle! Some websites only show the work in one or two.
I printed out the cases that related to my situation the best (women that had an AA cup size), and cases I did not like at all. I labeled my printout �DR. POUSTI�s BOOBS�, and brought it to my consultation. Haha! Dr. Pousti got a chuckle out of it, but it gave him an accurate idea of the look I wanted. And what I wanted was a classy breast size to fit my body. I definitely wanted to avoid looking overdone.
My favorite cases:
CASE 85, CASE 87, CASE 91 and CASE 318
In these cases, the women�s results were flawless! The cleavage, the centering of the nipple, the beautiful shape�perfect!
The day of my consultation, I was able to meet a patient one-day post-op. That was really thoughtful of Dr. Pousti. I never met someone who had brand new breasts. They looked pretty great already, and they were only one day old! I couldn�t wait to get them done. I scheduled a pre-op and set my surgery day.
However, I made a last-minute decision to move to Las Vegas a few weeks later, and all my boob job plans fell through. BUT! I came back! It took me 2 years, but I came back! It didn�t occur to me to get my surgery done anywhere else�not even where I live! I wanted the natural look, and there�s nothing natural about Las Vegas. Haha! The real reason I made the journey is because I knew I wouldn�t like any other doctor or any other staff or any other boob job than what the Pousti Team has to offer.
Surprisingly, everyone still remembered me! It was like Cheers! They also kept my DR.POUSTI�S BOOBS printout from all these years! Dr. Pousti and I recapped on all my personal preferences, and set all the necessary appointments.
Scars and recovery. It�s a different story every time you ask some one with fake ones. I constantly had worries of what story I was going to be telling. Nobody wants horrendous scars or that �ton-of-bricks-on-your-chest� feeling we often hear about.
I was very calm on my surgery day. I wasn�t scared or worried anymore, because it was all happening�finally. The prep-staff rocked! Dr. Pousti goes over everything again, and this is the time to really say your final words.
When I finally woke up from �Anesthesia Land�, they let me take a peak at them two hours post-surgery. I was extremely grateful they weren�t up to my neck! I began to feel a bit nauseous as I was being rolled out to the car, but the feeling quickly subsided.
My recovery was pleasantly a breeze! I really lucked out and could not be more thankful! I had no bruising and surprisingly NO PAIN! I got a chance to catch up on the latest movies and TV shows, and my friends pampered me like royalty.
My incisions weren�t sealed with stitches, but rather special surgical glue. They looked like crusty scabs and fell off after a month. The scars are small and almost unnoticeable. I have a naturally tan complexion, so my scars as of right now are a tad lighter than my skin. Time, they assured, will eventually even it out.
There was a little discomfort from the hideous surgical bra I had to wear for 3 weeks, but it�s part of the process. If you decide to do this surgery in the summertime like I did, you will have a hard time hiding the surgical bra with summer clothes. Also, they say some people lose sensation in the nipple, but I was just the opposite. My nipples were extremely sensitive for 2 months (especially in cold temps). Don�t worry though�IT�S ALL WORTH IT! I�d do it all again in a heartbeat =)
ADVICE for OUT-of-TOWNERS: Not only does surgery cost a pretty penny, but the travel expenses add up as well. So far I�ve had two follow-ups since the surgery and there�s probably more to come. If you�re going to fly in for surgery, just take that into consideration. I have no complaints though�San Diego�s just around the corner and always fun to visit!
Overall, Dr. Pousti�s work exceeded my expectations. My friends and family have described my new breasts as: �the perfect size for you� - �very classy� � �natural looking� � �you can�t tell they�re fake� � �they�re really soft for only a few moths��MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

THANK YOU to: my friends who took care of me (Nurse Jeff & Nurse Kendy), all the staff, and THANK YOU, DR. POUSTI!
I am 35 and a mother of 2 teenage girls.  I did not nurse my children but
have had my ups and down's with weight loss and here in the past couple of
years I really started to notice the loss of breast tissue.  All through my
high school years and even through having my two girls I had always had a
full 36 "C" cup.  Actually in high school I hated them because they were
much larger than any of my friends, they made me very self conscious.
Little did I know what an asset they really where!  So  as time has gone by
and I am noticing they loss of my breast's I would always kid with my
husband that I wanted my boob's done, his response was very encouraging.
Not till this past February of 2006 did I start researching and consulting
with different plastic surgeon's.  It's hard to know where to start because
their is a plastic surgeon at every corner and this is something you don't
want to look up in the yellow pages.  But after doing EXTENSIVE research on
the internet I found Dr. Pousti, called his office and set and appointment.
>From the very first phone call to now being 3 months post op Dr. Pousti
his staff have been nothing but professional and kind.  On June 28th 2006 I
went in and had a breast lift and augmentation.  I am not going to tell you
that I was not nervous because I was, not because I didn't think he was
going to do a great job, but I have never had a surgery in my life!!  Dr.
Pousti saw how nervous I was and reassured me that everything would be just
fine, and it was.  I woke up with little pain and on my way to having my
boob's back again and this time appreciating what I have.  I cannot say
enough about the staff at the surgery center, they were terrific!!  My
husband was deployed to the middle east so my sister was here to take care
of me.  Dr. Pousti was so kind and called my sister a few hours after my
surgery to see how I was doing and did so again the next day.  I happened to
see him the next day for a post op visit and his staff got me in and out as
soon as they could seeing I was in some discomfort.  The recovery has been
fine, the first 4 days for me was uncomfortable but after that each and
everyday I felt better and better.  I am now 3 months post op and loving it.
I went from a very flat 36 "B" to a very full 36 "D".  I cannot say enough
kind words to Dr. Pousti and his entire staff but thank you, you guys ROCK!!
Murrieta, CA
I had been thinking about getting breast augmentation for a couple of months but was worried about finding the right doctor to do the procedure.  I found Dr. Pousti when I was searching for information online about the procedure.  His website was very informative about breast augmentation, and answered every question I had.  I then made an appointment to have a consultation with the doctor.  From the first day I walked into the office I knew Dr.Pousti was the doctor I wanted to perform this procedure.  Dr. Pousti and his staff were very helpful, friendly, and caring throughout the entire process.  
I am now 8 weeks out of surgery and I cannot explain how pleased I am with my results (My husband is very happy too!!).  I have more confidence now than I ever did thanks to Dr. Pousti.  I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone interested in getting this procedure. 
I also want to send special thanks to the staff in the office for always making me feel comfortable, you guys are awesome!

Height- 5�7
Weight before- 138
Weight after- 138
Cup size before- B
Cup size after- D

Thanks again,

Rebecca Deegan
Hi, my name is JD, I'm a 37 yr old mother of 2. I had breast augmentation 1.5 yrs ago and I'm very pleased with my results. Dr Pousti and his staff are the best. They are very caring, supportive and genuine.  As an RN, I've seen the work of many surgeons and in my opinion Dr Pousti's work is outstanding.  After our intial research, Dr Pousti was the only consult my husband and I had, we were both very comfortable with him. Dr Pousti is very honest and sincere in his approarch to plastic surgery. I would recommend Dr Pousti and his staff to anyone considering any kind of plastic surgery. He and his staff are the best in the field.
I want to thank Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff for giving me and my husband a wonderful experience with my breast augmentation.  My husband I had been talking for many months about having such a procedure.  We did a lot of research; mostly on the computer; looking at doctors and reading patient testimonials.    I also spoke with my neighbor who at the time was also looking into having the same procedure done. She was looking at the San Diego area where as I wanted something a little closer to home. I was surprised when I found Dr. Pousti�s office right in my own backyard.  (He was only minutes away from my home).
 I called and made an appointment; from the second I walked into his office the staff treated me as though I was a friend not just a patient.  Dr. Pousti came into my room and asked me questions about what I wanted and answered all of mine; there were a lot of them.  That same day I met three patients they all had already had the procedure done and were all in the healing stage at different times.  All of them were completing satisfied with the results!  I left feeling happy and even more excited about having the procedure done; by now I had made up my mind; Dr. Pousti would be my doctor.
I went home and thought about when it would be a good time to have surgery.  I decided that after school was out, before school started again would fir my schedule the best.  I called his office and set up the surgery date.  I went for the pre-op appointment.  I was both excited and a little nervous.  Dr. Poutsi and his staff again reassured me that everything was going to be fine and I would be pleased with the results.
I met with two more patients on that day and they to were pleasantly pleased with their results. 
My husband and I arrived at Avalon in the am of June 19th.  We were greeted with smiling faces.  The nurses were wonderful; they explained everything to my husband and me.  I was again a little nervous yet excited.  Dr. Poutsi came into my room and drew some pictures on my breasts and explained what he would be doing with each individual breast.  The nurses spoke to my husband about medication and how I would be feeling for the first few days after surgery.  The procedure was complete and I was back home within four hours of leaving.
 I slept the rest of the day, and took my medication as directed.  Dr. Poutsi�s staff called to see how I was doing.  That was reassuring. The next day, I was tired and sore and continued to sleep the day away.  Again Dr. Poutsi�s staff called to see how I was doing.  On the third day, I wanted to be more alert so I called and asked about different medication (over the counter Motrin).  I began taking that and was feeling more like myself.  I was up and moving by the weekend.
 I went to my week appointment and Dr. Poutsi and I were pleased at what we saw!!! (The staff was too!)   I met two �patients-to-be� and got to �tell my story.�  I came back for my 3 week appointment and had my stiches removed, my special bra was also thrown away!  YEAH!!  I talked to three more patients and one decided to go ahead with her procedure!
 Seven weeks after the procedure I am back to my happy, crazy self!!  I continue to heal and amaze all of my friends!!  I can�t help but stop at every mirror I come across and look at what an AWESOME job Dr. Poutsi and his staff have done!
When my left breast implant ruptured I thought "Oh No!". I was scared and nervous about going through the procedure again. I went to a different surgeon in the area for a consultation. He told me the procedure would be very painful, his attitude was cold, and definetly did not give me the comforting I needed.
         I then found Dr.Pousti. He was wonderful and so was his staff. Dr.Pousti was gentle, soft-spoken, and had great bed-side manners. He seemed very confident about giving me the look I wanted. He also comforted my fears and concerns about the pain I would experience. He said it should be a breeze. He felt I would do very well no problem. I have to say his office staff was also wonderful. They have this way of making you feel comfortable. I felt I was treated like a friend not just a patient. I was also very pleased with the surgery center. They were just as professional and friendly as his office staff. My nerves were calmed. I knew I was in good hands.
         Well, needless to say my surgery was a breeze just like Dr.Pousti said it would be. The pain has been minimal. I have not needed any perscription pain meds. Only over the counter Tylenol and Motrin 800mg. My recovery is going better than I expected. It has been one week and I am fairly self -sufficient. I am very pleased with the results and I would like to thank Dr.Pousti so much.
                                                                      Teri Fairfield/ Canyon Lake
Dear Dr. Pousti & Staff,
Since the first day that I walked through your front doors for my consultation, I felt right at home. Although I was extremely nervous and anxious to meet the Dr., I was welcomed and treated so well. As I waited for the Dr. to come in, I could not even imagine what my body was going to look like after having this surgery.
My stats before surgery were:
Age: 20
Height: 5�6
Weight Before: 128
Cup size before: 36AAA
After surgery:
Weight After: 130
Cup size after: 36C
CC amount in both breasts: 390cc�s
Incisions: areola incision site used
I met with Dr. P and I was not afraid to ask him questions like I thought I would be. He explained everything to me, examined my oh-so embarrassing small breasts and said that my results would look great. The one question that caught me off guard was: Why do you want to have this procedure? Not many Plastic Surgeons would ask such a question. Well he did and I gave him the truth. I had always wanted breasts since I found out that women naturally grow them as a part of growing up. From the 5th grade until high school, I waited for my breasts to grow, but they never did. I think I actually had bigger breasts when I was a chubby little girl than when I was 18 years old and through growing. I always felt like a tomboy because my naked chest looked just like a boys. I would stare at myself in the mirror for hours wondering why they never grew for me, but the rest of my family had big beautiful breasts. I was so insecure when I had to change in front of anyone and I was constantly buying clothes and bras that would make me look like I had something there. I remember praying for breasts, not even big ones, I would settle for a B-cup, but they still never grew. I knew I had to do something for myself but I wasn�t quite sure just what.
 I started to think about having the procedure when I was 16 years old and saw some show on a medical channel where the Drs were performing a Breast Augmentation. It was then that I decided to look into the procedure and see if it was something I was really willing to put myself through. The price, at that age, scared me. No way would I ever be able to afford something like that. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about the procedure and looking up various Drs in my area. It wasn�t until I graduated from high school and got through my first year at college that I decided to bring the topic up with my boyfriend. After some research and conversation, we decided to save up for my procedure and meet with some plastic surgeons.
Dr. Pousti was the first doctor on my list and he essentially became the last one I would ever see. I made appointments with other plastic surgeons but canceled them as soon as I met with Dr. Pousti. I knew right away, that he was going to be the Dr for me. His great bedside manner and fun personality was unlike anything I had ever seen when comparing him to other doctors I had met with my whole life. He made me feel so comfortable that I knew my life and body would be safe in his hands. So, in the next week or two, we put down the deposit and waited for the surgery date that was scheduled on June 19th, 2006.
The days just could not go by fast enough. As soon as my pre-op date arrived I was extremely nervous and anxious about the surgery. We took pictures, filled my prescriptions and prepared everything I thought I would need for after the surgery. A few  tips: draw string pants are a MUST, easy to remove tops, tons of pillows and you�ll probably need a laxative because of all those pain meds. Also, keep a box of tissues near by, you never know when you�ll get the urge to cry. You�re emotions will go crazy.
Morning of surgery arrived and I didn�t sleep a wink the night before. We arrived and waited for a while. I filled out all of my paperwork and before I knew it, they had me changed into some oh-so fashionable robe and slippers and hooked up to an IV. I sat and talked with my boyfriend and mother until Dr. Pousti came in, did a bunch of markings on me and said they would be ready for me shortly. A nurse came in and led me to the surgery room where I laid down on the table and can�t remember a thing after that. Before I knew it, I was waking up in the recovery room with a new set of breasts. I wanted so badly just to sleep some more, but I was also anxious to get home. The ride home is a blur as is the rest of that evening. I slept mostly and woke up long enough to take medication and go to the bathroom.
Let me tell you about pain. The first day was not that bad, it was manageable and the pain meds kept most of the pain at bay. However, the second day was the worst for me. I felt like the pain meds were not working anymore and the pain was so severe that it hurt to stand and even go to the bathroom. I had to go see Dr. Pousti that day as well, which was very difficult and I must have looked really bad because the nurses took me into one of the rooms and 10 minutes later I was out the door and on my way back home. The third day, the pain got to be a little more manageable. By day four, I was back to my old self. The pain only felt like muscle soreness and I was up walking around as usual. I think I even went to see a movie that day, a comedy, which hurt to laugh, so I don�t recommend anyone do that right after. I think the worst part of recovery is that darn strap. It pulls and pushes in ways that you don�t want to be pushed and pulled. It made me very itchy and irritated on a daily basis and I was so glad to get rid of it after a month. Since then, I�ve been wearing soft bras at night for support and under wire bras in the day with no irritation.
I am very happy with my results. The first month of two, I could not pass a mirror in my home without sneaking a peak at them and thinking, wow! I�ve taken my own set of pictures to follow my results and see all of the changes that they have gone through since day one. I definitely recommend to anyone that they do the same. To this day, no one has made the comment that my breasts look fake and most that do know about my surgery say that my breasts look very natural and fit my frame very well. I couldn�t agree more. I love my new breasts and am so glad that I decided to go through with the surgery. It was worth all the worries, money, and pain.
I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone. In fact, I�ve sent him several patients that I know. He did a great job and made me feel so comfortable with him. His work is excellent and if I had the choice to do this surgery over again, I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Nicole Samra
Riverside, Ca
I want to start out by saying, �If you are pondering between what doctor you want to perform your surgery, look no further�.  You have found him.  Dr. Pousti is unbelievable.  I can say this because I did my homework and �shopped� around (5 doctors) and my heart led me straight back to my first consultation doctor, Dr. Pousti.  I knew it all along, but, I wanted to dot my i�s and cross my t�s. 
I had a Mastopexy/Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction of my medial and lateral thighs.
I am a busy mother of four very young children (6 & under) and am a full time Physical Education/Aerobic teacher.  I workout 3 to sometimes 5 hours a day and nothing was going to bring on larger, firmer breasts (the sagginess was due to nursing all four children in 5 years) or take away the loose skin and the protrusion of my stomach from the laxity of the muscles in my abdominal region. And for the thighs, well, there was just a small amount there that my exercise was not taking care of.
I struggled with it all after having my last child, which just happens to be my only girl.  I took a huge leap and decided to discuss the procedures with my husband.  It�s not like he did not know I was interested, as I watched Dr. 90210 all the time and hinted about what I would like to have done.  Of course he thought I looked great the way I was, but when it came to discussing the matter, money really was more of the topic.
Most average working Americans don�t have thousands lying around (at least not those with four children I presume), but my husband knew I had worked so hard baby after baby and from the mouth of Dr. Pousti, �No matter how hard she works out, she will not get rid of the tummy problems�.  That convinced him, as he has a tremendous regard for Dr. Pousti.  On that note, I took my husband to most consultations with me and bar none, he was most comfortable with Dr. Pousti.
I have read a lot of testimonials and I agree with all of them.  �You are not just another person with Dr. Pousti and his staff�.  When it is your time, you are his priority and post-op visits are no different.  You are greeted with respect and dignity the minute you walk through his doors and that is QUALITY business if you ask me.
My surgery was quite lengthy (~6-7 hours) and I put all my faith and trust in Dr. Pousti.  I can say that I was honestly NOT nervous, because number one it was him performing the surgery, and (no disrespect intended here Dr. Pousti) I knew I was going to be able to actually rest with a wonderful excuse and not have to be the one waiting on other people (you moms know what I am talking about).
I remember the day of my surgery as if it were yesterday.  Dr. Pousti arrived and I was exhausted from getting things done the night before.  With his calm and delicate demeanor, he wanted to assure his markings from the previous night and make sure they were �right on� and he said to me, �We�re on our way to a homerun� (I could relate as I love sports).  I lay back down and his assistant, Michelle, came to walk me to the operation room (by the way, the whole Alvarado team is absolutely FABULOUS too). I walked in the surgery room and Dr. Pousti was all ready and focused with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders.  He and his staff guided me to lie down on the table and I remember music playing, that of Elton John.  It was a real soothing effect (I thought this only happened in the movies).  As Dr. Pousti held my hand, the anesthesiologist said, �Here comes your cocktail� and I believe I said, �Make it a double apple martini�, or else I really wanted one at that moment in time.  The last words I said to Dr. Pousti is, �You look double� and I was out for the count!
Following, I awoke to a wonderful kind and loving lady named Julie.  She is the owner of a Recovery Retreat home called The Hide Away in La Mesa, California.  She assured me everything went very well and I knew she was the one to transport me to her center (my aunt and husband also were there).  I don�t remember much except waking up in a beautiful serene room lit with scented candles, beautiful d�cor and a nurse that was so sweet and there for my every need.  Staying at The Hide Away was of course wonderful for me, but it truly took the pressure off my family for the first and most difficult 24 hour recuperation period (brochures are available at Dr. Pousti�s office).  I went home a little over 24 hours later, but if money had not been an issue, I would have stayed at least three more days.
I am only 3 weeks out of surgery and love what I see and results are just going to get better as the swelling continues to diminish.  My kids ask me, �Can you play with your tummy anymore� (I used to take the extra skin and pull on it and make light of it), but I tell them, I can�t do that anymore.  I look forward to wearing my clothes the way they should fit, wearing a bathing suit and most of all just feeling more like a �real� woman again.
Lastly, I always received comments like, �You don�t need it, you look wonderful just the way you are�, and �You should be proud of the way you look for having 4 children�.  To these comments, I say, I am proud of who I am and what I look like, but no one understands until they are in your shoes, looking at a body, naked, and feel the emotions you do about what you look like.  The point is, do it for you!  Yes your husband or significant other will reap some benefits, but you have to do it for you and your self-esteem, at least that is why I did. 
So as I started, I will also finish by saying, bar none, Dr. Pousti and his staff is the best around.  He didn�t care about anything else but meeting my expectations and making my husband and me feel the utmost comfortable through and through.
You are with the best and as my husband would put it, �If it�s not the best, my wife won�t go for it�.  And that I did. 
Dr. Pousti-Thank you from my heart and soul for all you are!
A very happy patient,
La Mesa, Ca
My letter of appreciation to Dr. Pousti and Staff:
After the birth of two children my breast were lacking the volume they had while I was breastfeeding. I was a size 34D while breastfeeding and I wanted it back, so I began consulting Plastic Surgeons.
I had been to 2 other DR. who not only charged for their consultations but also basically made me pay for ridicule.  The first Dr. I saw worked in La Jolla.  I stepped into a room and put a robe on, only to have the Dr. walk right in and insult me. He told me I would need a lift and silicone. Mind you my breasts were about a 34b at this time (not much to lift, and silicone was banned.) His insults made me feel worse about myself.
 After that he brought me an estimate on the �DAMAGE� as he called it from having children. The estimate he gave me was a joke and so was his professionalism. Never have I been treated so poorly. I put the procedure on hold.
I had a friend recommend Pousti but after the first Dr. was so judgmental I was a little scarred, and basically thought it was out of reach for me to have the surgery.
I decided I couldn�t take it anymore and decided to try him out. The consultation was free and well could it get any worse than what I already gone thru.
From the moment I walked into the office I probably gained 3-4 new friends. The staff was extremely nice and talkative.  Very friendly and nice about sharing their experiences.  I meet Dr. Pousti who not only made me feel comfortable about myself, but also repaired what the other Dr. Had done to my self-esteem. He told me there was nothing wrong with my breasts but if I wanted an enhancement it would be a walk in the park because I did have such volume loss. A lift was not needed. Not only did I get many compliments I got to meet 3 other girls. One was 3 days post op, 2 weeks post op, and one that was 1 month post op. I got to ask them any questions putting my mind at ease. A little weird but it was nice to know what they would look and feel like from someone who had the surgery themselves.
I immediate scheduled my surgery.   From day one all the way up until my surgery. The staff kept in great contact and treated me so well.  The day of surgery I arrived alone, a little nervosa but the hospital staff made me feel very comfortable and right at home.
Dr. Pousti came in to do his marking and touch basis on the size I wanted to go. He had said he wanted to go at least 450cc, and before I had told him no way. I held the 450 in my hand and even tried them on in my bra; there was no way, however I am not a surgeon. I wouldn�t want anyone coming to my work with no experience telling me how to do my job, so I respected his professional opinion.  I showed Pousti pictures of what I wanted.  I told him I was scarred of being to top heavy, but I would trust his opinion. He was free to put in anything he needed to get my results that I wanted.
It was a very short wait and next thing I knew I was being brought back to the operating room to go to sleep for my surgery. I don�t remember a thing; it was a very relaxing time. Best nap I ever took. I woke up and began reaching for my cell phone; it has a camera on it and knew there were people waiting. I was in no pain when I woke up.
The ride home was a breeze; no pain on speed bumps nothing like that at all. I got home and tried to relaxed but it was hard to sleep I was too excited.
The only unpleasant feeling Began to experience was maybe 5 hours after the surgery the anesthetics started to wear down, and the bra became uncomfortable. I started to feel a little pain but not much and it was nothing the medication didn�t take care of. After 3 days I stopped taking the medicine and just used Tylenol.
I would recommend to anyone getting breast augmentation to buy some kind of sleep aid. I had a little trouble sleeping the first 2 nights, not because of pain but I was afraid to use my arms to adjust myself.
I went to my first appointment 3 days post op and took a look for the first time. They were swollen with a little bruising underneath but PERFECT.
Dr. Pousti put in 450cc and filed to 525cc.
I would never have known. I don�t feel any heavier and hardly noticed the extra weight. I am so glad I went with his expert opinion because I would have been dramatically disappointed.
I�m not ready to say I want them bigger, but maybe one day in the future.
My overall experience on a scale from 1-10, is a 12. Everything from staff to the Dr. was well over what I expected.
Dr. pousti was very professional and kept a very personal one on one relationship that made me feel a lot better knowing he was trying to get to know me instead of just performing his duties. He and the staff went above and beyond the call. I showed them 2 pictures of the look and size I wanted and the pictures are exactly what I got!
Thank you for everything Dr. Pousti and Staff, you are the greatest and I would recommend you to anyone.
Anna House
Surgery Date:  3/16/06
Age:  41
Height:  5'4"
Weight before surgery:  150 
Weight now:  139
Hi there, I'm Stephanie Pasimio and I'd like to tell you all about my experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff.  I'm 40 and I've been fighting with my midsection area for quite some time.  With dieting, losing weight and working out nothing was getting rid of it.  I'm a very active person and this was getting to the end of my frustration.  I looked online, met with Dr. Pousti's office and was convinced he was the one.  Not only is the office professional but they also make you feel so content with the steps of going through the process not only physically but also mentally.  This decision should not be taken lightly and Dr. Pousti is the doctor to pursue this procedure.   They are always there for you and attentive to your needs and concerns.  With my procedures, questions, recovery, follow-ups, etc., they all were great!  I'm so thankful I found his office!  I can't imagine not.  I also ended up have a breast augmentation along with my tummy tuck.  His outcome on the breasts he does is amazing.  They all look real.  That was so important to me.  So, what the heck, do it all at once.  The boob job was a piece of cake.  Actually the tummy tuck too was fine.  Healing takes time and that's what it took! But WOW!!  The outcome is great. 

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