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  This is Dr. D'Arcy A. Honeycutt in Bismarck, North Dakota , to Know more about which is the best plastic surgeon for you browse through the breast implants photo gallery, learn about breast implants, get prepared for that first consultation with a Plastic Surgeon. Information on costs and financing is available as well. offers you a complete coverage on all aspects of Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Surgery. Once you decided that plastic surgery is a viable option to enhance your body, is the site where you will find valuable information on every aspect of Breast Surgery Procedures. We are dedicated to providing timely and relevant Plastic Surgery news and data on every aspect of:

Breast Augmentation with breast implants
Breast Lift - with of without breast implants
Breast Reduction
Breast Reconstruction

One of the most important features that a lot of visitors have found to be of extreme help is our Breast Implants Interactive Model. This section will allow you to view in advance how different size Breast Implants would look like in your body type.

You can also find the most qualified Plastic Surgeon in your area, or research different Plastic Surgeons� specialties (whether they perform more Breast Augmentation with breast implants, or Breast Lift and/or Breast Reconstruction. Our search engine will allow you to search for a Plastic Surgeon by before and after photos as well.

You can read about Breast Implants info, what they look like, how they feel and all the risks you take once you decide that the breast enhancement or breast enlargement Surgery is right for you. Find out more about Silicone Breast Implants, whether they are safe, and if you are a right candidate for these types of Breast Implants.

Pain is one of the big determinants in deciding whether to undergo a Breast Augmentation, or any type of Breast Surgery procedure, that�s why we dedicated a whole section on Pain Control. There are several options to minimize pain when having any type of Cosmetic Breast Surgery. A little pump is the latest innovation in reducing post- operative pain when undergoing Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift combined with Breast Augmentation with breast implants Surgery.

Some common questions and answers about breast augmentation and implants:

Can a woman breastfeed after breast augmentation?

A lot of women ask if they can breast feed after Breast Augmentation Surgery. The answer is a resounding yes. For the vast majority of women who have a breast enlargement breastfeeding is no more difficult with implants than without. In fact, some women who have breast fed with and without implants say that breastfeeding with implants is easier!

Breastfeeding is a growing concern with patients who have had Breast Augmentation (breast enhancement) surgery. In previous years, women who received breast implants were married and had already finished with childbearing. However, more and more single women, and women who have not finished or even begun childbearing are having the surgery.

In 1992, the first report of a Silicone Illness hit the media. At that time there was fear that breastfeeding with silicone breast implants would endanger the child. There has been studies performed to show this not to be the case. The main reason being that the silicone molecule is too large to pass into the milk ducts.

Particularly with the belly button approach, the breast tissue and ducts are not disturbed, cut or affected. The procedure literally takes place under all of the breast tissue, not going through it. There is no evidence that silicone from the implant shell enters the milk.

However, with other incision locations and techniques other than the TUBA and trans-axillary, it is quite possible to disrupt the mild ducts and lines resulting in blocked ducts during a pregnancy. This has been known to happen with a peri-areolar technique resulting in additional surgery to unblock the milk ducts. Although, this happens in reductions as well.

Can breast implants achieve some lifting of sagging breasts?

Although breast augmentation implants do not lift up a sagging breast, they do help mildly sagging breasts appear less saggy. They do this in two ways:

1.) Breast Implants take up some of the slack in loosened skin thereby increasing the volume and decreasing the saggy look.
2.) Breast Implants, to a mild extent, rotate the lower portion of the breast upward, making the breasts appear less saggy.
For moderate or severe sag, a lifting procedure or a lifting procedure with implants (breast augmentation + lift) is usually performed.

Do breasts with implants experience sagging over time?

All breasts relax as time passes, because the weight stretches the skin, elasticity is lost with age and the amount of breast tissue often decreases as the person gets older. These three factors mean that breasts can be expected to relax and sag whether or not there are breast implants present. The breast implants add some weight to the breast, which may increase the rate of relaxation, and yet implants and surrounding scar tissue can provide some internal support for the breasts. The overall result is that usually the breasts sag less but more so if you wear a properly fitting bra regularly. A patient cannot expect to go without a bra for the rest of their life once they get breast implants. Especially with larger cup sizes as you will be returning to your plastic surgeon's office consulting for a breast lift (mastopexy).

Someone told me that if I should have dental work after I have had a breast augmentation (breast enlargement), I should pre-medicate - even for a cleaning. Why is this?

Some may consider this a controversial subject and scoff at the idea of a bacteria-induced infection or case of Capsular Contracture (CC). When an individual has dental work, even a routine cleaning, plaque and bacteria are released from their holds and introduced into the blood stream via your gum tissue. The gums are often lacerated, even slightly, during dental work creating a 'doorway' in which bacteria may enter. When a significant amount of bacteria is present in the body, they will seek out weakness in the body to stronghold themselves and replicate. Any foreign presence within our bodies (i.e. breast implants, lip implants, hernia repair mesh, etc.) is a prime target for these infectious intruders. Although it is not technically *proven* that dental work and Capsular Contracture (CC) are related there are increased instances of CC thereafter. but It is even cautioned to those with pacemakers and aorta catheters to take antibiotics when going to the dentist so mammary implant recipients should be no different. And it is often said and is good practice, 'it is better to be safe than sorry'.

Will I have stretch marks after my breast augmentation? How can I keep this from happening?

An individual's elasticity varies. Some patients develop stretch marks from growth spurts during puberty, muscle tissue gain from weight lifting and pregnancy. Some individuals never develop stretch marks and still others are very prone to them. There is still no successful treatment for the removal of stretch marks. Some swear by Shea nut butter, others, olive oil. Some swear by Retin A as a solution to the red lines that may develop in the early stages of stretch mark formation. It must be said that applying topical Vitamin E may have been the advice of yesteryear but according to new dermatological studies, topical Vitamin E can cause contact dermatitis and exacerbate scar appearance in some patients. Incidentally, Vitamin E oil is sometimes instructed not to be taken orally 3 weeks prior to any surgery nor 3 weeks afterwards. Then again some plastic surgeons advise it a week to 2 weeks post op with the addition of manual compression exercises beginning immediately to prohibit capsular contracture (CC). As I have said before different plastic surgeons will have different ideas.

The stretch marks are caused my an abrupt expansion of the tissues. When the expansion is very gradual stretch marks are practically non existent. I can only suggest massaging Shea Nut butter (if you are not allergic to nut oils) and lotions into the tissue beforehand and after until your skin is no longer tight feeling. But still ask your surgeon before doing anything other than what he or she instructs. There is no guarantee that stretch marks will not develop but medical science has faith that a proven method of removal will be discovered, eventually.

Mature stretch marks are very difficult to remove. You can tell a stretch mark is mature by the age of course and by the color - which is usually white. Deep fissures which are purple in color can scarcely be removed with treatments short of excision. This means that those microdermabrasion treatments that you have been getting are probably going to do nothing but empty your pocket book. The white marks CAN be darkened using a flesh-colored pigment implanted using micropigmentation.

Is there much pain associated with breast augmentation? How bad will it hurt?

Although pain thresholds vary - breast augmentation pain is dependent upon the breast implant placement, incision placement and if you choose to take your meds on time, every time. You can also cause yourself more pain by not abiding by your surgeon's instructions and over-exerting yourself.

Many patients report that their discomfort is described as pressure or muscle soreness. If you should experience any discomfort that seems out of the ordinary, contact your plastic surgeon.

Should I wait to get my breast implants until after the weight loss to get the Breast augmentation?

Although you may wish to get your breast implants at any time, if you are considering losing any significant amount of weight (15 lbs. and up) be prepared to notice sag if you lose breast tissue. If you have very small breasts and get implants then lose weight, there shouldn't be a significant problem with sage since your breast envelopes were not large to begin with. You could safely lose the weight and suffer no ill effects to your breasts if this is the case.

Should I wait to get my implants and breast augmentation until after having children?

Although you may wish to get your implants at any time, if you are considering having children within the next year or two, it is advisable to wait since the effects of weight and breast tissue gain and loss will affect the appearance of your breasts. It is up to you and if you plan on waiting on having children , why not enjoy them now? Just know that a postpartum lift is possible.

What age do I have to be to have breast augmentation? Am I too old/too young?

Although there is no set age, it is best to wait until your breasts have finished developing. You can better determine this with your OBGYN if you are a longstanding patient of his or hers. This can vary and although you may think you have finished maturing by 18 or 19 , your breasts will continue to go through changes well into your early twenties.

The youngest is usually 18 although in special cases of pronounced asymmetry and reconstruction , prostheses can be used on persons younger than 18. These younger cases are very specific. On the other side of the spectrum, I have known women in their late 60's who have gotten breast implants. When we are older the only thing that may stop us from having breast augmentation surgery is general health so be sure to have a physical to see if you are in good health to properly heal and handle the anesthesia factor.

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